Who we are

We are a group of professionals and beginners who like to practice Taijiquan, Qigong, and Neigong Tuina. This project unites us because we want to make sure that these passions of ours are transformed into recognized professionalism and with the rare quality that we have met in our Master Doctor Wang Zhi Xiang.
We believe that everyone can tackle a topic, however complex, with the degree of depth they prefer. For this reason, our calendar of activities is also full of events for all those who appreciate our method and want to follow us in an amateur way.
We organize meetings with Master Wang Zhi Xiang to practice Taiji all together. We also started to study Neigong Tuina always under his guidance because it becomes another way to better understand nature.

The Board

Valeria Di Botonto

Maria Stefania Luisi
Vice president

Sergio Bozzi
Institutional relations

Nadia Predella
Secretariat and administration

Master Wang Zhi Xiang

Head of the School

Wang Zhi Xiang, besides being an internationally renowned Master of traditional martial arts, is also an artist in calligraphy and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. His training and continuous research in these fields have given him an uncommon ability to interpret the principles of traditional philosophy and apply them both to movement and to the perception of the movement itself. A native of Shanghai, he holds courses in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Spain. In Europe, he is represented by the Popular University Wang Academy.


Master Isidoro Li Pira

Head of training

In charge of training, Master Li Pira stands out for his great ability in explaining the concepts of Taiji Quan, Qi Gong, and Neigong Tuina.

Master Ling Jian Xiang

External Teacher

Another perspective

Specialist of the second form, the wave form, Master Ling is for us a reference point for the clarity with which he performs the second form. Although he doesn’t speak Italian, once you practice next to him, when you confront him in practice, his explanation becomes clear and clean, the principle becomes more attainable for the practitioner.

Taiji Tu + observe the void

M° Wang considered it useful to design and adopt a particular form of TAIJITU (the most famous symbol of Chinese tradition). The new symbolic image refers – with respect to the one universally known – to a dynamic representation of it, in which the force of the spiral (reel, centrifugal force, centripetal force) is enhanced. The reason for the choice is thus described by M° Wang Zhi Xiang:

“We have learned from the classics of Tai Ji that practice is a way to commune with nature and elevate the spirit. We know that nature is in constant becoming. Man has learned to know the spiral movement of the Galaxies and the gravity of the Earth, to which all our actions are linked. Everything is attracted by the center of the Earth, which then raises up all energy, favoring the constant circulation of the countless elements that make up all forms of life.”