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Our aim is to experience and practice Taiji, Qi Gong, Meditation and Tuina. We want to introduce these practices to interested, curious, and passionate people, to teach and spread this art, to share experiences and friendships, and to study deeply together the nature and principles of Eastern philosophy. Beyond that, we want to offer a training to those who want to turn their passion into a profession.

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Il saluto al Buddha del Maestro Wang Zhi Xiang

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Join us, have fun, and practice a wonderful Water Style Taiji

Courses for instructors Taiji – Qi Gong – Tuina

Courses for instructors starting January 2019

in accordance with the law 4/2013 for the professions of the third sector.

A clear and sincere approach to discovering a whole philosophy, a method, and a new well-being.

01. Taiji Quan

02. Qi Gong

03. Tui Shou

04. San Shou

05. Meditazione

06. Neigong Tuina


The Continuing Education for Instructors as follows:

The Continuing Training program is reserved for registered members interested in starting the training course specific to professional teachers.

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Taiji Quan principles

applied without secrets

and in an innovative way

I want to know more about the Taiji of Water.

The style we believe in is the water style of Master Wang Zhuang Hong.

The movements of the water guide us, and gravity is the natural force from which we take all energy.

Not only Taiji

We have a holistic approach: we deal with reality from different perspectives because reality is intangible and indefinable. Understanding passes through experience, and what remains leaves an imprint.

For this reason, our didactics includes and integrates Taiji Quan, Qi Gong and Neigong Tuina.

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