Udo Bips

I started with Tai Ji & Qi Gong in 1993 in Bensheim, met Master Xu Guo Ming first time in 1994 and several masters who he brought to Germany, like Ye Xiao Long (1998), Wang Hao Da (2000/2001), Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang (2002 and many further visits in Bensheim).
I attended 3 China camps 2004 Suzhou, 2007 San Qing Shan, 2010 Lang Fang where I trained in 33 days with Dr Wang, Wu Mao Gui, Qian Zhao Hong, Yun Yin Sen, Liu Bo Xue, Zhao Ya Jun.
I am a 3rd level instructor of IWA since 2013 in Folgaria. While I had learned for many years the standard form, we have started in 2010 with Dr Wang’s combat form, which is leading us back to the ancient movements of original Tai Ji, which was not so much emphasizing on health, but also on self defense. Also since 2018 learning 2nd form from Ling Jian Xiang in Folgaria summer camp.
I am happy that Dr Wang is still trying to make us understand Taiji and Qi Gong and the secrets behind the scenes. Without Dr Wang we would not understand so deeply. He is a great teacher.


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