M° Wang Zhixiang

Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang (王志祥)  was born on February 11th, 1959 in Shanghai where he still lives and works.

He is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (MTC) doctor, with a major in Tui Na (推拿) massage. He graduated under Dr. Lee Yan Fong, who in turn was first student with Dr. Lu Shou Yan who was the foremost authority in training MTC doctors after the Cultural Revolution. A noted scholar of Oriental Philosophy and Culture, Dr. Wang is also a confirmed Calligraphy (Shūfǎ 书法)Master, as well as a Master in Traditional Internal Martial Arts (Xing Yi 形意, Taiji 太极 -Yang 杨 and Wu , Ba Gua , Qi Gong 气功 both medical and martial). He is Vice-president of Shanghai’s Martial Arts Association.

He undertakes Martial Arts learning aged 13, first Shaolin (少林), soon after turning to 6 Harmonies and 12 Animals style’s Xing Yi (Xing Yi Liu He Quan 形意六合  ) under Master Xi Lin Shen, with whom he completes an 8 years’ long training.

When he is about 18-year old, he meets with Master Dong Bin and begins studying Yang Style Taiji, which Master Dong learned from Dong Shi Zuo and Ye Huan Zi, both Dong Ying Jie‘s students, Dong being one of the best among Master Yang Cheng Fu’s students and pupil also of Yang Shao-Hou (Yang Chengfu’s elder brother). During three years, Master Wang studies both styles, then he concentrates on Master Dong Bin’s Taiji mastering, with a 20year long study, every facet of the discipline, also its martial parts (Tui Shou and San Shou). Due to an accident caused by a mate (a cousin) during a training session, he decides to undertake the study of Medicine. From Master Dong Bin, Dr. Wang learns two forms: the first being attributable to Dong Ying Jie; the second one (Which Master Wang calls a “combat form”), a development which emphasizes a wave-like movement. Master Dong Bin passed away in March 2009.

During the middle 90’s, in the Cao Yang Park where he regularly practices TuiShui, he gets in touch with Master Wang Hao Da, a notable student of the Grand Master Ma Yue Liang, under whom he undertakes the study of Wu Chien C’uan’s Wu Style (Wu Jianquan 吳鑑泉). He will follow this Master until his death, in 2002.

In the same period of time (1997) Dr. Wang meets his other Master: Wang Zhuang Hong (also one of Dong Ying Jie and Zhu Gui Ting’s (aka Chu Guiting) students, distinguished BaGua and Xing Yi Master, and he too, also one of the best amongst Yang Cheng Fu’s students).

Wang Zhuang Hong was also from Shangai, but WZH lived in Hong Kong, where he was valued as a Martial Artist and Calligrapher (he was considered to be one of the best Taiji fighters and was a teacher to Singapore’s Presidential bodyguards) and returned to his birthplace twice a year to visit his mother.  In turn, Dr. Wang regularly went to Master WZH in order to study Taiji further with him until his death, at the end of 2008.

Master  Wang Zhuang Hong fine-tuned a form ofTaiji that he called “Wang Style’s Taiji”, referring to Wang Zhong Yue, one of the most prominent “Taiji’s Classics” authors;  this style is known nowadays as  “Water StyleTaiji”. This form derives from the Yang style, but it employs whirling spiraling movements. In Master WZH words: “The difference between our Taiji and others’ styles lies in the way we use the attractive force that comes from the center of the Earth (Gravitation, dìx ī nxīl ì 地心吸力)”.

Dr. Wang is considered to be one of the few who has received and comprehended the entirety of the art taught by WZH.

Nowadays, Dr. Wang teaches in Europe (mainly in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and now also in Spain, France, Belgium, as arrangements for teaching in other Countries are underway).  In the USA, there are some trainers who studied with him in Shangai where, besides teaching Taiji, he also practices Tui-Na, researches Taiji’s theories and principles, studies philosophy meditates, and practices calligraphy. Furthermore, he is studying the Small Wu Style” (Wu Hao Taiji武郝 太极).