About us

We are a group of people who love to practice Taijiquan, Qi Gong and Neigong Tuina. This project connects us because we want to make sure that these passions transform into recognized professionalism, as with the rare qualities we find in Master Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang.
We believe that each one of us deals with our subject in its complexity, and with the degree of depth we prefer. For this reason, our calendar of activities is also full of events for all those who appreciate our method and want to follow us in an “amateur” way.

What we do

We organize meetings with Master Wang Zhi Xiang and we practice Taiji all together. We also started studying Nigong Tui Na under his guidance because it becomes another way to better understand nature.

We are interested in culture, we like to investigate and study.

We’re lucking in that Master Wang Zhi Xiang combines Taiji, Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tui Na and Qi Gong) and calligraphy, three methods of investigation and knowledge that aid in discovering Essence by enclosing their knowledge in eight principles.

Gravity towards the center of the earth.

The principle that frees energy

The direction at 45 degrees.

Permanent use of the oblique direction

Point, line, surface, volume.

For the expression of energy

13 forces.

Eight directions, five elements

Yi, Qi, Shen.

The mind moves the energy, the body passively follows

The three movements of water.

Flow, wave, whirpool

Root, trunk, branches.

Teaching to learn agility

Observe the vacuum.

The outside moves the empty center